NTI PodTalk with Dr. Sam Berne, Holistic Optometrist

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Welcome back to the NTI PodTalk! In this episode, Dianne speaks with Dr. Sam Berne, a holistically-minded optometrist. Dr. Sam’s mission is to be a trusted source of information and provide the necessary tools to help solve eye-related problems using science-based methods.
If you’re interested to learn more about how nutrition impacts eye health after listing to Dr. Sam’s holistic approach to eye care, be sure to read Nutrients to Optimize Eye and Vision Health and Healthy Aging – Part 3- Vision and Hearing.

About Dr. Sam Berne

Dr. Sam Berne has been in private practice in New Mexico for over 25 years and where he works with patients to improve their vision and overall wellness through holistic methods. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Pennsylvania State University, Doctor of Optometry from Pennsylvania College and did his postdoctoral work at the Gesell Institute in collaboration with Yale University. He has been awarded The Special Awards for Service from the Behavioral Optometrists in Mexico for his innovative and holistic work with children.
His protocols take a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to health and wellness. He understands and treats the body as one integrated system, rather than a collection of independent organs, in order to identify and address the root causes of disease. His whole health protocols improve vision and wellness by healing the mind-body-spirit through nutritional protocols, vision therapy, and self-care techniques. This views each person as genetically and biochemically unique and enables the individual to make lifelong improvements to their well-being.

In this episode Dr. Sam and Dianne discuss:

  • 02:11 – Dr. Sam’s background and formal, conventional training in optometry
  • 08:07 – Dr. Sam’s additional training in holistic optometry and visual therapy
  • 09:33 – How Dr. Sam initially connected nutrition and eye health and came to become a naturopathic eye doctor
  • 12:30 – Understanding vision from a whole body perspective – the eyes reflect systemic, metabolic, and energetic health
  • 14:56 – How vision can be improved without using glasses or surgery 
  • 18:12 – Explanations of specific nutrients for broad spectrum eye health
  • 22:12 – Vision therapy eye exercises
  • 29:58 – Resources and where to find Dr. Sam Berne
  • 33:20 – Three pieces of advice for eye health and overall health

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