Holistic Alzheimer’s Prevention with Dr. Becky Spacke

December 8, 2023

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Cognitive decline is not inevitable! Dr. Becky Spacke has made it her mission to spread the word about holistic Alzheimer’s prevention, and show everyone that there are things we can do everyday to support brain health. Listen in as she and Dianne discuss the factors that contribute to dementia risk, and all the holistic things that can be done to avoid it.

About Dr. Becky Spacke

Dr. Becky is a retired functional medicine practitioner, who was in private practice for more than 20 years. She was also blessed to be a member of the NTI team for several years, in the role of curriculum creation and course instructor. Both of her parents died of Alzheimer’s Disease, so she is now an Alzheimer’s Prevention Advocate, because she firmly believes that an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. 

You can learn more about her work, and pick up free resources, by visiting her website, Facebook, and YouTube Channel

Dr. Becky and Dianne discuss Holistic Alzheimer’s Prevention:

  • 01:55 – Dr. Becky’s professional background and family history of Alzheimer’s
  • 06:40 – Dr. Becky creates an easy to follow protocol 
  • 13:40 – Hormonal influences that contribute to dementia risk 
  • 18:54 – Foods to increase acetylcholine production  
  • 22:17 – Over the counter drugs that block acetylcholine production 
  • 26:42 – The risk of sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • 33:37 – You can make new brain cells – here is how! 
  • 37:20 – The importance of vitamin B12
  • 42:00 – More nutritional and lifestyle recommendations for brain health
  • 49:18 – Dementia is not inevitable, you do have dominion over your health
  • 55:40 – How you can find Dr. Becky’s program, Holistic Alzheimer’s Prevention Program

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Dr. Becky was actually the first guest we ever had on the NTI PodTalk!

NTI PodTalk with Instructor Dr. Becky Spacke


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