NTI PodTalk with Instructor, Tami Miller, IAHC

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Today, Dianne interviews our classroom Anatomy and Physiology and Weight Management and Sports Nutrition instructor, Tami Miller. Tune in to hear more about Tami’s background and what she loves most about teaching in the classroom at Nourish House. Tami Miller is the owner of Sage Nutrition Coaching, Inc. in Wheat Ridge, CO. Her educational background is in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Mycology, and Nutrition. Tami did research at the University of Colorado Medical Center for over 20 years. While obtaining her degree and for several years afterward, she tutored students at the university in a variety of subjects and decided that teaching was something she wanted to do on a regular basis. Tami has been teaching with Kaplan since 1999 and draws her passion for teaching from the success of her students. She has taught for all standardized tests at Kaplan and has traveled to Qatar to teach at Cornell Weil Medical College and to Abu Dhabi, UAE to teach at Khalifa University. She has recorded podcasts for Biochemistry and videos for Organic Chemistry. Tami is currently a regular Instructor at Khalifa University in addition to her teaching duties at the Nutrition Therapy Institute and Kaplan.

Do you want to experience Tami’s expert instruction first-hand? 

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