NTI PodTalk with Julie Ebert, Co-owner of Ebert Family Farms

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In this episode of NTI PodTalk with Julie Ebert, Co-owner of Ebert Family Farms Dianne speaks with Julie about how she got into farming and the nutritional aspects of consuming raw dairy.  Driven by strong will and grit, Julie Ebert manages Ebert Family Farms with her husband Kres. Julie grew up working with her family on a 5000-acre beef and buffalo ranch in Nebraska. She went on to get a degree in Business and worked in retail and fulfillment management after college. However, her passion for working outdoors, and her curiosity about health and nutrition led to starting a raw dairy.

The dairy has been operated for 16 years and is run by Julie and her husband Kres, who is a 4th generation farmer. Her passion is creating safe and nutritious products that taste good while being a good steward of the land and animals. Ebert Family Farms is located East of Denver. Grass-fed dairy, grass-fed beef, and pastured pork are all produced on the 800-acre farm. If you are interested in learning more about the Ebert’s nutritious products and how to get them, visit ebertfarms.com

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