Making Holistic Health Accessible To Everyone with Sofia Health

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Sofia Health is an online platform that connects individuals to wellness providers’ classes, services, and products. They aim to make holistic health accessible to everyone. Founded by Riley Rees in 2019, Sofia Health is on a mission to help independent practitioners run their business while empowering individuals to take control of their health. Listen in as Riley and Dianne discuss Sofia Health, the inspiration behind it, and why it’s so important that holistic health be accessible to everyone. 

About Riley Rees:

Riley Rees is an Air Force veteran, MIT graduate, and the CEO of Sofia Health, a marketplace connecting consumers to wellness providers. Through tools like real-time scheduling and payment processing, Sofia Health enables providers to expand their reach and streamline their practice, while empowering individuals to take charge of their holistic well-being journey. Riley’s experience both personally and professionally has emphasized the importance of providing better access to whole health.

Dianne and Riley discuss how Sofia Health is making holistic health accessible to everyone:

  • 02:38 – What is Sofia Health?
  • 05:23 – Riley’s background
  • 17:30 – Practitioners on Sofia Health
  • 23:50 – How Riley manages her business while being a new mom
  • 35:07 – Riley talks about how she practices self-care with a new baby

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