NTI PodTalk with Graduate, Mason Spendow, NFC

Amber Frazier PodTalks

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Today, Dianne interviews recent Natural Food Chef graduate, Mason Spendow, on his experience in the NFC program, what steps he took to relocate for the program, and what he is doing now that he is a Certified Natural Food Chef. Mason is a 2021 graduate of NTI’s Natural Food Chef Program who focuses on retreat catering and private chef opportunities in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mason feels food is much more than just something people consume when hungry. Food is the sacred fuel that people derive their life force from. Not only is it vitally important to maintain a nutrient-dense and bio-diverse diet, but it is equally as important to recognize and cherish the energy of the food you choose to fuel your body with. Food is a conduit for love and possesses the power to heal us in profound ways–Body, Mind, and Spirit. Mason’s life work is to be a steward of the power of food. To bring people together with food. To help people realize the most authentic expression of themselves by providing them with the sacred nourishment they need to go forward on their journey.

Are you ready to start your journey as a Nutrition Therapist Master or Natural Food Chef?

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