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NTI is student-centered. Our commitment is to provide the knowledge base and skills to empower our students to achieve their personal and professional goals. Emphasis is placed on teaching nutritional concepts in depth, while providing students with a working familiarity of a wide range of references and resource materials.

Since 1999, NTI has provided individuals from diverse ages, professions and skills with the knowledge and training they need to cultivate a meaningful career in Nutrition Therapy. NTI stands for academic excellence. If you are looking for the best academic program in the country, you will find challenge and inspiration with us.

Graduates from all of our programs leave with the competence and confidence to excel in the rapidly-growing field of holistic nutrition. Our curriculum is meticulous, comprehensive ad cutting edge. You belong here!

Students primarily come to NTI for two reasons:

1. They are curious about the role that nutrition can play in their own health, or they have already experienced the benefits of turning to food for sustained physical and psychological balance.
2. They seek to support others with nutrition therapy in their personal or professional lives. They aim to create a career that stems from the heart.

See an Excerpt from one of our Online Classes!

See an Excerpt from one of our Online Classes!

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