NTI PodTalk with Sandor Katz

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In today’s episode of the NTI PodTalk, Dianne interviews Sandor Ellix Katz, a fermentation revivalist. His books Wild Fermentation and the Art of Fermentation, along with the hundreds of fermentation …

holistic nutrition education graduates

Becoming a Natural Food Chef

Amber Frazier Blog

On May 13th we celebrated the most recent graduating class of Natural Food Chefs.  In the last 15 weeks, these nine people went through an amazing transformation, all while staying …

Two mason jars of coconut yogurt on a marble table

4-Ingredient Coconut Yogurt

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Coconut yogurt is a fantastic yogurt alternative for those following a vegan, paleo or low FODMAP diet, and for anyone who is lactose intolerant or has dairy sensitivities. But have …